We are the most up to date course for PLAB 1 & 2 in the UK with an excellent pass rate, having a 98% pass rate for PLAB 2 and 99% pass rate for PLAB 1.


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We are the most up to date course for PLAB 1 & 2 in the UK with an excellent pass rate explore



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Hello my name is Samson Chisi. I have been teaching PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 for the past 7 years and I have the GMC logic to make you succeed in the PLAB exams. Through my NHS experience, 7 years teaching experience and feedback from previous candidates, I have all you need to pass your exams. I teach most of the classes myself to make sure you gain the most from our training.

I offer one to one help to candidates. Candidates who have not succeeded in the exam anywhere else are welcome. I will sit down with you and try to find out where it went wrong and advise you where to make changes. You will not find this service anywhere else other than at SAMSONPLAB ACADEMY.


In light of the new update from the GMC, I would like to inform current and prospective candidates that PLAB has changed! We at Samsonplab have made great preparation to meet the challenges of the new PLAB exams.


The pattern for PLAB 1 exam changed from september 2016. The new PLAB exam has become more rigorous and more reflective of real-life practice. It includes a selection of questions related to professionalism, medico-legal and ethics.

For everyone appearing for the PLAB exams, Samson Plab is an excellent and the best preparation centre for you.
I strongly advise prospective candidates to choose their course centre wisely to help prepare you adequately for the exam. At Samson Plab we have an excellent pass rate and this is the right place to clear the exam at first attempt. We guarantee that most of the exam questions come from our question bank and mocks.
To help you do that samson plab academy has a very experienced staff taking detailed classes on all the subjects for PLAB 1. Our teachers handpicked by me to ensure that you are taught by the best.

I personally take keen interest in the progress of each candidate and take multiple classes to ensure that the candidates are on the right path to clear the exam in their first attempt.
The feedback I received from the PLAB 1 candidates who appeared in the November 2016 exam was very positive. Over 90% of the questions in the exam were from our question banks and mocks. Our pass rate is very high (99%) and we pride ourselves in helping our candidates clear PLAB 1 in first attempt.

We are updated our course to meet the needs of the new exam pattern and cover the GMC blue print of the most frequently tested domains: knowledge, skills and performance; safety and quality; communication, partnership and teamwork; maintaining trust.


PLAB 2 is an OSCE based exam – Objective Structured Clinical Examination, The new exam consists of 18 stations and 2 rest stations making a total of 20 stations.
The 18 stations are all OSCE based, all the 18 stations are assessed and count towards your pass mark. There are 2 minutes to read the instructions and patient information and 8 minutes to perform the task in the given scenario. Each station therefore lasts 10 minutes in total and the 2 rest stations allow candidates a ten minute break each time.
PLAB 2 exam tests candidates’ communication skills (history taking and counselling) and clinical skills (manikins and examination). New questions and practical scenarios will assess candidates’ professionalism and understanding of ethics as well as their clinical knowledge and skills.

Candidates will be tested on three domains: Data-gathering, technical and assessment skills, Clinical management skills and Interpersonal skills.
The new plab is more complex than the previous one. The scenarios are more integrated rather than individual separate tasks. The task could often involve aspects of clinical reasoning, taking a patient’s history and working out what you do with the findings.
If you wish to clear the exam once and for all in first attempt, register with the most reliable and experienced institute – Samson Plab Academy

Our PLAB 2 pass rate is 98% in first attempt. Utilise this golden opportunity of clearing the exam in first attempt. The classes are taken by myself and doctors who have plab and NHS experience. We have the right mix of experience and enthusiasm to ensure that our candidates have the knowledge as well as the zeal to appear in the exam with confidence.

The academy is equipped with excellent manikins that are available to the students to practice without any restrictions.

The academy is equipped with new apple computers and ipads that candidates can access to watch the GMC scenarios simulated videos to revise for the exam as many times as they want. I have personally simulated the videos to ensure that they are upto date with the standard the GMC expects of the candidates.

We pride ourselves in the quality of mocks that we provide. The mocks are as close to the real exam and our simulators are fantastic actors. Candidates are graded as per the GMC standard.

The mock is followed by a detailed feedback where I personally demonstrate the stations and give individual feedback. Our team of examiners provide detailed feedback as well as encourage the candidates to do better with every mock and prepare them to take on the real exam with confidence.

Booking your course
You can book your course online and pay prior to starting or make payment on the day of the course. At Samson plab, we understand and acknowledge that there are circumstances which may not permit you to attend the course on the booked dates due to visa difficulties or other unprecedented problems. We will re-schedule your course to enable you to attend your course and will provide you with all the necessary assistance without incurring additional costs or losing your money. We will also refund your money if you are not able to get a visa.

I would advice you to attend the course at least 5-6 weeks prior to the PLAB 2 exam to ensure that you have enough time to practice!

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  • “Yaaaay, I passed Plab 2 at the first attempt. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Dr Samson. You are the original BOSS, extremely confident, brilliant and an excellent teacher. You helped each of us to draw up personal study plans to help us smash the exam. You also taught us to KEEP ITI GOING in between stations no matter what. The course and the mocks over prepared me for the exam so i was to smile all through the exam. Samson Academy is LEGENDARY.”

    -- Tayo Osoba-Oladiran

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