SAMSONPLAB ACADEMY offers accommodation facility for the trainees for up to 6 weeks. Generally, students take up shared rooms with another person or some wish to take up a single room.

We offer female accommodation separately. All accommodation includes the needed facilities such as television, freezers, washing machines, microwave, cooker and general utilities and utensils. Bedrooms are kept very hygienic and cleaned thoroughly at regular interval to maintain a high living standard. Accommodations generally comes with pillows and duvet, however, students may voluntarily buy their own pillow, duvet and bed covers to maintain own personal hygiene.

We charge weekly for a single room from £140.00 and a sharing accommodation from £100/person. The charges may vary based on the type or accommodation and the area of the accommodation.

Please ring the office or send us an email kindly for your accommodation requirements.

Our Contact numbers: +44 0208 9800 039, 



We have a dedicate and registered child minders who can look after your child while you are doing the course. Our child minders are located close to our academy for your convenience.

The services are available between 8 am till 7 pm. If you need to pick up the child later than 7 pm you can discuss with them personally and they will be happy to help.

Please contact:

1) Frain. Tel: +44(0)2084302000 or email: or

2) Aisha Tel: +447951031262 or email